Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What I Have Learned About Action Research

I recently began my study of action research by starting with readings which describe the process of action research and describe benefits of using this process in order to help solve problems and issues.  As I read this material, I made numerous "text to self" connections.  This tells me that I was already very familiar with action research, but perhaps did not know it actually had an "official" name.  For me, this process is a common sense way to approach problem resolution.  Using action research as a way to solve issues is the most appropriate way to approach problems because it comes from within the school where the problems and issues arise.  Who is better equipped to identify and solve problems within an organization than those (i.e. the administrators and teachers) who actually walk the halls of that building every day?  When using action research, the people within the organization are the ones who generate the problem or diagnose the issue which needs resolution.  These same people then research the problem and several solutions and strategies to solve the issue, implement the strategy and evaluate the strategy's effectiveness for resolving the issue.  Finally, this same group will clarify the issue and perhaps move on to newly arisen problems.  Action research is a cyclical process for constant improvement.

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  1. Hi Lisa - I agree that action research seems to be a common sense way to approach a problem. It's definitely the most effective. I'm looking forward to using action research in the future.
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