Friday, September 13, 2013

Dr. Borel's Week 3 Web Conference

     Tonight’s web conference began with some technical difficulties, but the lesson was clear.  Be flexible and just make things work, even if something doesn’t go exactly how it was planned.  Once we got going with the discussion, Dr. Borel began discussing the proper way to complete the internship activities.  She emphasized the fact that even if one activity covered several competencies, the activity must be broken down into each competency with a reflection for each competency.  This was important information as I had lumped one reflection for activities such as this and I am now aware that I need to go back and redo those reflections.  I’m not thrilled about this, but at least I know now!  The next part of the web conference focused on the APA activities in this week’s assignment.  We went through several examples together.  I find APA extremely frustrating as I am not into details such as “this period goes here and this comma must be there.”  As a former Language Arts teacher I appreciate good punctuation, but these itsy bitsy details are enough to send me over the edge!  Finally, the conference ended with overall information about what should be going on with our action research reports and other items which will be turned in to TK20 by Week 5.  Overall, another informative web conference, even with the technical problems.

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